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Our In House C.N.C. Machined Tee

Commercial cast metal Tee's are not made for use of the A.O.D. Tuyere.  A cast metal Tee is made for pipes going in the opposite directions.  The A.O.D. Tuyere has a inner oxygen tube and outer cooling gas tube.  Misalignment of the threads in a cast Tee can cause the Inner Copper Production Tube to be misaligned and even damaged at the orifice of the tuyere.  This misalignment reduces and prevents critical cooling gas from flowing evenly through the Tuyere

Inner tube Misalignment With Cast Tee
Proper Inner Tube aligned with C.N.C. Tee
Our In House C.N.C. machined Tee has a runout of less than .01o of an inch/.25mm . This alignment insures the inner copper tube is placed evenly through this limited space, insuring cooling gases are flowing unobstructed through the Tuyere

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